Learn the Innovative Ways to Recycle Foam

The environment has dominated the news cycles of years and rightly so. This is our only home, and it deserves to be treated with the utmost of respect and appreciation for the life it continues to house. As global warming and climate change continues to spiral further and further out of control with unnecessary carbon emissions, new oil spills every week, and politicians who continue to either have their heads in the sand or allow themselves to be purchased by corporate interests, we need to continue to find ways to save this planet. Many cities across the United States have looked to implement a polystyrene foam ban, claiming it cannot be recycled.

While their hearts are in the right place, foam actually can be recycled. In fact, many places across the United States are already recycling the foam for reuse, cutting down on the damage and trash buildup we leave in the environment. For more information on how to recycle this foam, see below!

In truth, only about five percent of a foam package is actually the substance polystyrene. Most of the packaging is actually air. This is the reason why this foam is easy to break with your hands. This means there is actually less to deal with than appears on the surface. It helps to insulate packages, keeping them both safe and warm.

The negative campaign against this material comes from the fact that it is made from the same substance we use to power our cars: petroleum. This contributes to the negative media campaign and the banning of this substance in over 20 cities already.

Despite these issues, foam can actually be easily recycled. The recycling process starts by collecting foam and using conveyor belts to feed the material into a shredding machine. This breaks the foam down into small amounts that can be transferred to a plastic machine that uses both heat and pressure to melt the foam. Once the foam is broken down into this early form, the molten mixture exits and machine and solidifies again into a solid state. It is then transported to a separate machine where it is broken down into foam again for further use.

While it is important to care for the environment, it is important to collect all of the facts before making a decision. foam can be recycled and thus does not deserve to be banned from cities.

Executive Recruiters – The best are in DC

In the world of business, it is critical to be able to find the right people to fill executive positions in key sectors. You want to make sure that someone fills the positions that will bring skill and experience to the company or corporation. That is why it is important to use Nels Olson’s executive recruiters. These specially trained talent acquisition specialists are also known as headhunters. They are hired to seek the best and the brightest to occupy the most prolific executive jobs around. If you live in Washington D.C. and need to find a skilled and qualified professional to fill a top spot in your company or business then you need to use the best executive recruiters in the area.

Companies such as JDG & Associates and The Lucas Group can successfully present you with a variety of options and will help facilitate a positive working agreement that will help to propel your business towards success.

Make sure that you use a qualified and experienced talent acquisition firm that knows exactly what you are looking for in professional executives. They will be able to determine if the particular individual is a good fit for you and your business. They can sort through a variety of possible candidates and pursue them in an effort to fill your available position with a top notch selection.

The previously mentioned companies have years of experience providing companies with high-quality leadership and providing the results that matter. This is an important aspect of any executive recruiter. They should have proven results that they can present to you for your review. Make sure that they have a good reputation for placing businesses and employees in a good working relationship.

If you need the best talent be sure to choose the best in the D.C. area. Be sure to look at their reviews online and do a little background research and this should help you to determine which firm is the best to fulfill your needs.

Real Estate Dealings in the Big Apple

Business is all about the right decisions and capitalizing on opportunities as they present themselves. The New York real estate market is quite vibrant. In fact, it is one of the most competitive in the world, making it ripe for various types of property investments. Andrew Farkas is a man who understands this, and that is one reason he is very dominant in the real estate sector. The billionaire, through NAI Global, struck a deal with EVO Real Estate Group of New York. NAI Global is a services network that specializes in real estate across different countries. Since it was purchased by Farkas’ C-III Capital Partners, the network has accumulated offices in various cities globally.

Working Together

When EVO agreed to work with NAI Global, it gave the network a much-needed boost in the New York market. Although NAI Global has been very successful, it was missing out on NY business due to lack of a network office in the city. Now, the deal designates the EVO office to be the NY network office for NAI Global. The C-III Capital subsidiary chose to go with EVO because the brokerage firm had established a significant presence in the city as it had been based there since its inception. Before it was EVO, the firm was Winoker Realty Co., which had to be sold when the owner perished in an unfortunate accident.

The brokerage has handled lucrative deals in New York and is responsible for over 3.5 sq. ft. of commercial space. Combine that with the contacts that EVO has acquired over the years and it makes an ideal choice. What NAI Global brings to the deal is a vast network of 165 firms spanning across 204 cities. The deal between EVO and NAI Global comes with mutually assured growth as long as the two maintain the upward trends. EVO will be responsible for bringing in New York clients and use NAI Global’s exposure to provide property investments in other cities in the world.

Different Dealings

NAI Global prefers a network structure that most larger firms don’t use for their business deals nowadays. What NAI Global does is get well-established offices in different cities and come to an agreement as opposed to having the network own its brokerage firms. It means that the member brokerage firms remain independently owned. For this reason, firms are required to drum up business, meaning that services have to be superior to maintain the clientele that first attracted the attention of the network.

Real Estate Investment Ideas – Southern California

Rent rates in Southern California are hitting record highs. New investors need to focus on Southern California’s fixer-uppers, especially to try and lure buyers with flips or find a median priced home that could fetch a better rent. As a beginner in real estate in real estate you will require a few tips that will help you succeed.

Consider the returns on renting the property

As an investor in real estate, you need to do the math. Calculate the amount you will be receiving in rent from the investment over the duration of time. Remember that brokers might quote a figure that is too high in a bid to entice you to invest in real estate. It is good that you consider the real rent of that area by reviewing the rent of similar house for rent in the same area.

Examine the cost of buying the house

Calculate and determine how much it cost you if you would purchase the home. Most people in most markets think of taxes, water, mortgage, sewer and insurance to be the responsibility of tenants. Avoid relying on estimates. It is wise to use real figures by talking to experts in tax bills, insurance rates, and water bills.

Find a real estate guru for mentorship

Mike Cantu of Upland, Ca. has more than 30 years’ experience as a full-time real estate investor. Cantu manages the portfolio for rental houses and he also operates a buy and sell venture. Other real estate gurus in that area are Robert Fragoso, the executive vice president of Anchor Loans in Orange County, Than Merrill of FortuneBuilders, and Brice Norris of the Norris Group in Riverside California.

Reasonable vacancy rate

Brokers will always entice people to buy houses for real estate investment. They will assure investors that their houses will forever be occupants and that they will never be vacant. As a wise real estate in Southern California, you need to get the real vacancy rate impute and not just trusting the opinion of brokers that the house will never be vacant.

Management of the property

Think about getting an expert who will be in charge of the management of your real estate. An investor must also take into account the fees or charges incurred in managing the property. Consult other investors who have similar properties to find out the reasonable reserve for maintenance and to carry out the repair. Having considered all the above factors, do the math to determine if you will be making profits or running into losses.

How Corporate Crime Settlements Play Out Today

Corporate crime settlements are now mostly settled by deferred actions and non-prosecution agreements. What this means is that most corporate violators of law, whether they are a financial institution or energy company will get delayed penalties. Or, instead of having to admit guilt of breaching a law or of fraud, the corporation will simply agree to a set of terms laid out by the government, regulating agencies and or law enforcement agencies. Attorney Sean Hecker of Debevoise & Plimpton gave insight into the issue in an article with Corporate Crime Reporter.

There are several factors that play into why very few corporations admit guilt. The first is that admitting guilt could be a deathblow to the company’s reputation. Companies know that admitting they knowingly behaved in an illegal way could put them out of business. The government knows this too. So this is why there is a sharp increase in non-prosecution agreements and deferred actions against corporate crime settlements.

Today, very few companies will take on government regulators or enforcement agencies in court to fight corporate crime accusations. This is due to a number of factors. Regulators and enforcement agencies overseeing the banking, finance and energy sectors hold greater power than they used to. This is due to fact that the financial collapse was blamed on a lack of government oversight of the finance, banking and mortgage industry. Laws like the Dodd Frank act give regulators much greater power and oversight to prosecute and pursue suspected fraud and violators.

The greater power of the regulators, combined with the potential backlash of a guilty plea is why few companies go to court to fight corporate crime. However, this does not mean that no companies go to court to fight accusations. A few companies have gone to court to fight accusations of crime or fraud and have won. However, this continues to remain rare.

Some experts in the field of law, believe that the current field is not level and that regulators have too much power. Other experts believe that the playing field is becoming fair towards corporations, and that the number of cases going to trial will increase, but only by a small amount.

In the end, both companies and the government have one thing in common. Both want their industries and their workers to play by the rules and be in compliance with regulations. The government does not want companies to go out of business for minor infractions as this leads to the loss of good jobs. The companies don’t want to pay massive fines or risk going out of business for small infractions or a few bad characters within the company. This is why it is expected that deferred and non-prosecution agreements will continue to rule as the major way of settling corporate crime cases.

UAE Ambassador Urges Class of 2016 to Spread Tolerance and Peace

NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated its third graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 this May. 135 excited seniors from over 50 different countries awaited their hard-won diplomas. Some 1,300 guests were also in attendance for this historic event.

This year, the graduating seniors were treated to a keynote speech from His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba (http://www.rand.org/blog/2016/06/a-new-middle-east-rhodes-scholars-not-radicals.html), the current United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba took over the post for the UAE’s Ambassadorship in 2008. Some of the goals the Ambassador has were for in his professional life were reflected in the themes he urged students to embrace as core values in the globalizing world: increased cooperation, opportunity, and security between all peoples.

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba encouraged the students to try to incorporate the following values into their lives: innovative thinking, tolerance, respect for others, hospitality, and hope. These values, the Ambassador said, will help students “write the next great chapter in the history of human endeavor.”

At this same event, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba was awarded the NYU Abu Dhabi Global Leadership Award for his help promoting the university over the years. NYU Abu Dhabi has been an inspiration in the triumph of education and understanding in the United Arab Emirates region, and the Ambassador only hopes that NYU Abu Dhabi can continue to grow. Indeed, Ambassador Al Otaiba has been a firm supporter of building bridges between the USA and the UAE in any way he can, such as through trade, education, and philanthropy.

The students graduating from the NYU Abu Dhabi will undoubtedly take the Ambassador’s words into their post-NYU lives. Many of the students are going off to graduate work in diverse fields all across the globe and values of multiculturalism and tolerance they have learned through their four years at NYU Abu Dubai will transition into their graduate studies around the world.

The two distinguished guests who delivered the previous keynote addresses here include President Bill Clinton in 2014, and the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2015.

As for Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba’s own educational background, he got his bachelor’s degree from Cairo American College, and later went on to pursue his International Relations degree at Georgetown University.

Choosing the Best Boarding School

A good education is something that will be of great value later in life. If you’re considering enrolling your child in a boarding school, then chances are you want to be sure that they are getting the best education possible. To ensure this consider doing some background research and investigating multiple schools. Parents often look to big names in US boarding schools like Phillips Exeter Academy, St. George’s School and Church Farm School.

This article will list some of the most important factors to consider when selecting which boarding school you want to enroll your child in so you can make the best decision possible.

Academic Programs

A key area to research when looking at schools is the variety of academics and the availability of academic support to students. This includes things such as small classroom sizes. This allows each student to receive individual attention from the teacher during class. It also means having teachers who are willing to interact with students outside of class, having open office hours available throughout the day so that students can seek out academic guidance or clarification on subjects they are finding difficult in the classroom. Just because they are attending a boarding school does not mean that the child’s parent is uninterested in their academic performance. Teachers and faculty should be willing and able to work with parents to resolve performance issues when they arise.

Variety Of Courses

Generally speaking, students do not know exactly what direction they will be heading professionally and in their personal lives. As such, rather than attending a specialized school, it is good to investigate the width and breadth of a school’s available curriculum. A well rounded student is more appealing to colleges and employers. It is also good for the student as it allows them to participate in a wide range of subjects and makes it more likely that they will find the one that sparks a genuine personal interest.

Athletics and Art

Consider less traditional programs such as athletics and art. These programs are great for padding out college resumes but they also teach important skills that are not learned in the classroom. This includes things such as teamwork, competitive spirit, creative problem solving, and skill development.

Your child’s education is important to you so take the time to investigate their educational environment. This helps ensure you find the best match for your child’s academic needs.


Debevoise & Plimpton LLP: Making Changes

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP recently made some head waves when they recently announced seven new partners to their firm. These changes will start on July 1st, 2016. Two of the seven members are actually members of the firm’s private equity group. The full official name of all of the partners are: Sarah Coyne, Uri Herzberg, Ina C. Popova, David L. Portilla, David Sarratt, Thomas Smith and Patrick Taylor. What’s great about them is all they bring something unique and interesting to the table. They are diverse, talented, and each have their own skills and abilities.

Sarah Coyne will be handling white collar matters and investigations, including those involving financial institutions. With her, she brings experience and this is something that you simply can’t put a price tag on. She has only been with the firm since 2015, but she spent fourteen years as a federal prosecutor. Uri Herzberg, on the other hand, is focused on advising private equity firms and corporations in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, investments, divestitures and other corporate transactions. He has been with the firm since 2007. He comes with a B.A. degree from Yeshiva University in 2004. He is definitely a star on the rise.

Ina C. Popova takes care of the litigation Department and the International Dispute Resolution Group. She is focused on international arbitration, complex commercial litigation and public international law. She is entrusted with handling multibillion-dollar disputes involving commercial, environmental and public international law issues surrounding variety of jurisdictions. David L. Portilla is involved with international and domestic banking organizations.

Another key cog is David Sarratt, who is a member of Litigation Department and the White Collar & Regulatory Defense Group. He also brings years of experience and knowledge that is invaluable to the team. He has done very well in his trial cases. Also on his resume is working as Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York from 2010 to 2014. He was trusted with many high-profile cases.

The final two members come from the London office and they are Thomas Smith and Patrick Taylor. Thomas Smith handles the Corporate Department and the Finance and Private Equity Groups while Patrick Taylor specializes in the Litigation Department and the International Dispute Resolution Group. They are confident that with this team of seven, each bringing something to the table, the firm is going to grow to epic heights and proportions. Current partners like John Gleeson, Matthew Biben and Sean Hecker of Debevoise & Plimpton have helped establish the firm to its current position as it welcomes new talent.

Tips for Transitioning to a Real Estate Investment Career

The real estate industry is bustling and some areas really give way to that fact. San Diego, California, for example, is a location in which people flock in order to bask in the beauty living there offers. Real estate gurus in the area include Than Merrill, Alan Hamrick, Seth O’Byrne, and John Goodell. Each one of these agents embodies the skill required in the real estate industry and are well known for making sales. Of course, their success did not happen overnight and there are a few tips that these real estate legends will pass along to those wishing to transition to a real estate investment career.

Treat it as a Business

Simply enough, the industry is not only about making sales and living day to day. Professionals will tell prospective investors to understand creating a business plan in its entirety, and to be well equipped with one. Set goals over the timeframe of one, five, or ten years, and work to achieve these goals each day.

How is your Credit Report?

Most lenders require a fairly flawless credit report from investors. Additionally, your ratio of debt to monthly income must be low in this profession. Failure to quickly pay off the loans that acquire the most debt, such as car loans, results in a poorer ratio and credit score.

Where are the Best Areas?

Investors often make the mistake of buying properties close to their homes to cut travel times in half. However, this greatly hinders their profession by preventing better properties with more appeal from being purchased. Professionals will say to invest in properties for their value, not their proximity.

There is More Than One Source, you know

Investors tend to limit their property searches to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). However, not all solid properties are located on these services nor are the best deals. Auction sites tend to have great properties listed at great prices.

Brush up on the Industry

This is certainly not an industry that gives way to stagnation. It is thriving and it succumbs to change. As a result, it is essential to stay current by catching up on some literature discussing recent events, success stories, and even failures.

The Many Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Boarding School

The Overview of a Boarding School
There are numerous benefits that a quality boarding school can provide to your child. A boarding school will offer a personalized education. There will be a focus on academic progress for each and every child. A focus on social progress is included into the boarding school experience. A boarding school may offer a post-graduate year of study to students. The idea is to provide an environment that will assist each student to prepare themselves for college. A quality boarding school will provide an exceptional environment for students to live and study. The term “boarding” is “bed and board.” This involves lodging, meals, and quality education in an atmosphere that fosters learning. One of the many premiere boarding schools in the United States will provide and environment that will offer your child numerous opportunities.

Sound Reasons to Choose the Boarding School Option
Every parent has several options for education for their child. This is a serious decision to make. There are many reasons to choose a boarding school. These are sound reasons that may help you to make the right choice for your child. Education matters. A good boarding school will incorporate appropriate academics, physical activities, and interesting extracurricular activities. The following items are the top benefits that your child will receive from a premiere boarding school. These include:

* superior teachers who have a degree in their subject; Many teachers in a boarding school will possess an advanced degree

* fantastic art programs and arts facilities

* independent living for students; this fosters a “real world” experience

* students are stretched by the total academic work that must be completed; a boarding school is concerned with college preparation

* all students typically have the goal to attend college; support and encouragement from like-minded individuals

* excellent media center and libraries; they are well-filled with a large variety of exceptional materials

* they offer great sports facilities along with exceptional sports

* smaller class sizes; there is an opportunity to obtain extra attention. Classes may have 10 to 15 students in a class

* the student learns self-responsibility

* the boarding school promotes intelligence; this environment will make it cool to be smart and studious

Well-Known Boarding Schools in the United States
There are many exceptional boarding schools to choose from. The following are amongst the top boarding schools. Included amongst the top boarding schools:
* Phillips Exeter Academy
* Phillips Academy (Andover)
* St. George’s School
* the Church Farm School
* Episcopal High School