Dart Influences Communities on a Global Level

Though most associate the Dart family with their Dart Container Corporation, the leader in food and beverage packaging, or for their acquisition of the notorious Solo Cup in 2012, few realize the huge impact the Dart family has had on global communities. With branches focusing on everything ranging from philanthropic endeavors to a myriad of organizations based in Grand Cayman, the Dart family and their organizations have set a new standard for a global scope and making a difference in local communities.

Ken Dart (more info), owner of Dart Enterprises and recognized philanthropist, serves on the board of the Dart Foundation, which was named Socially Responsible Organization of the Year in 2013. The recognition was mainly in response to the Dart’s $14.4 million commitment to communities in mid-Michigan (where the foundation was created), but the Dart Foundation has proven itself socially responsible in a global context.

The Dart Foundation has funded the infrastructure of The Cayman International School and the Dart (DE) scholarship has provided high school and university scholarships to eligible students in Grand Cayman and abroad. Ken Dart has proven his commitment to education beyond mid-western America.

Since the Dart Foundation’s inception in 1984, William and Claire Dart prioritized supporting educational programs, and Ken has followed in their footsteps. “[They] feel that education is the most important gift you can give a person,” said Claudia Deschaine, grants manager for the Dart Foundation.

Recipients of the Minds Inspired scholarship, which aims to “embody the Dart family’s approach to, and philosophy of, pursuing educational excellence,” currently pursue bachelor degrees in prestigious universities like Kings College in London and Stanford University. Dart Enterprises offers scholarships in all fields of study as well as mentorship and employment opportunities.

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