Top San Diego Real Estate Seminars to Attend

If you are looking for some of the top real estate seminars to attend in San Diego, you have come to the right place. Below, we have examined some of the best seminars available to investors today who are seeking ways to tap into the wealth in real estate investing.

At the top of our list is Fortune Builders. This company is consider as one of the leading company in San Diego educating real estate investors. They offer several different real estate seminars to help real estate investors prosper in the business. Some of these seminars include:

1. Wholesaling Bootcamp where investors learn of effective and current marketing strategies to grow and expand their investments during a four days seminar.

2. Rehabbing Bootcamp: During this four days seminar, investors are taught the keys to long term success by rehabbing properties. They also offer bus tours where real estate investors can experience first hand the various rehabbing process and profits from the investment. Than Merrill’s Fortunebuilders bootcamp is a popular choice among San Diego residence.

3. REO & Short Sale Bootcamp: This seminar teaches about money making opportunity on short sale and foreclosure houses.

4. Online Business Bootcamp: This event educate investors on online marketing strategies.

5. Insiders Summit: This three days seminar provides a wealth of information to real estate investors regarding rehabbing properties, buying and holding strategies, raising money for deals, marketing and working with agents, and working with contractors and real estate specialists.

Another spectacular real estate seminar to attend in San Diego is Mike Ferry Real Estate Training. In addition to San Diego, his seminars are also held in other cities in United States. During his seminar, investors receive beneficial hands-on training experience and sales training tools necessary to succeed in the real estate investment industry. At Mike Ferry’s seminars, some of the techniques used to educate investors include one-on-one training, role playing, and real world application.

Brian Buffini’s seminar is also another outstanding real estate seminar in San Diego. His high-energy, action packed seminars are delivered via in-person or live broadcast. They normally last for two days and over 10,000 investors attend these seminars. Here, investors receive valuable information and strategies to help them maximize success in their real estate business.

Finally on our list is Tom Ferry’s Success Summit seminars. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of his seminars, tickets are normally sold out several months prior to the seminar! The Success Summit educates investors on effective marketing strategies, organizational techniques, sales, and much more.