An Opinion on McConnell

Following the nomination of judge Garlands by Barrack Obama, there have been controversies over the utterances of the US senator majority leader Mitch McConnell. The majority leader hesitated in the bid to engage in a process that is constitutional which reveals contempt for the constitutional democracy governing the US. Mitch chose his stand not to participate in the stipulated constitutional process by taking no action on the candidate Barrack Obama appointed to fill in the vacancy at the Supreme Court (see: Frank Garrison Tennessean).
He explained himself claiming that there is no time frame or standards for neither consent nor advice which is the lamest excuse. His behavior goes against the principle of promoting the constitution of the United States. His actions as the majority leader may cause a pattern of non-engagement by the parties controlling the executive and the other parties controlling the Senate. The leader opts to use public defiance means rather than using the constitutional methods which are the ones required of him.
His intentions to allow the citizens to air their opinion is unclear considering the same citizens are the ones who elected them (the senators) to participate in the constitutional processes to represent the people’s interests. There is no harm in opposing the judge in any manner as long as the behavior is constitutionally correct. The act reveals the engagement in partisan politics rather than following the democracy and the constitution. The rule of law governs the United States and emphasizes the supremacy of the system of law in crisis above all political and personal interests. The constitution provides for courts and legislation as methods of solving crisis to maintain a stable community which is in crisis at this moment.
Despite Mitch’s position as the majority leader, he should not for a moment think that he is above the law and is free do whatever he pleases. His actions are an insult because as the majority leader he should lead by example in engaging in a constitutional manner so that the rest can follow. Instead, he is forming a very wrong pattern for other leaders and individuals known to always think that they are above the law.
A real leader should always assess the long-term consequences of the utterances they speak, actions, and choices effects on the people and a country. Such activities are a threat to the rule of law and democracy. Also they are an insult to the citizens who voted for the leaders to represent their best interests.