Andrew Farkas and Harvard, a family affair

Harvard University is home to many prestigious clubs and organizations, one of them is the Hasty Pudding Club. Established in 1795 on the principles of friendship and patriotism, the Hasty Pudding Club is the oldest social club in the United States. In it’s over 200 years of existence, the Hasty Pudding Club has had many members and has accumulated a vast list of famous and notable alumni. Among those alumni are U.S presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Among notable alumni who have graduated from Harvard in more recent decades past, Andrew Farkas stands out amongst his peers.

Andrew Farkas graduated from Harvard in 1982, 28 years after his father and 2 years before his brother. As a result of his love for Harvard and the Hasty Pudding Club in conjunction with his family’s history with Harvard, Farkas elected to be the financial backing behind the renovation and expansion of what is now Farkas Hall. Farkas Hall is named after Andrew Farkas’ father, Robin who graduated from Harvard in 1954 and obtained an MBA in 1961. Robin Farkas raised Andrew and his brother Bradford on his own for a number of years, it is for this reason among others that his son chose to name the Hall in his honor.

Farkas Hall houses a 270 seat state of the art theater that is available for the entire Harvard community to rehearse, perform, and most importantly learn. Throughout its rich history, the Hasty Pudding Club has been closely intertwined with the workings of Harvard’s creative live. With the gift of Farkas Hall by Andrew Farkas, the Hasty Pudding Club will continue to enrich the Harvard community for years to come.