Foam Bans Don’t Work - Recycling Does!

Large scale recycling of polystyrene products is where we as a country should be heading, rather than dividing up by city and going different routes on the legality of utilizing the material in every day businesses. There are plenty of businesses who save a lot of money each and every day through the use of polystyrene materials and the reality is that they are going to have to jack up their prices if the bans continue to occur, like a potential Tennessee foam ban, meaning everyday food is going to go up.

There are so many companies that rely on the use of polystyrene products and the mere fact that cities are considering putting a ban on the material is mind blowing, when you consider the fact that there are ways to recycle the material. Some states and cities have already made the wise decision and have started to work towards making polystyrene recycling centers available to the public.

The biggest reason as to why this type of material was being banned in the first place is the fact that there have not been recycling centers and the material has been gathering at a very fast pace. This has been seen as a major problem by environmentalists and all sorts of other agencies, as it is true that polystyrene does not degrade for hundreds and hundreds of years.

However, focusing efforts on solving the solution through making recycling centers is a much better path to take then banning the products altogether. A much better solution would be to start creating these types of facilities, while letting the public know that they can start recycling these types of materials, much like they already do with cans and bottles.

This would not only clean up cities, as people would stop throwing this type of trash away, but it would also give people who do not have much money and are looking for things to gather to recycle another means of income. Furthermore, there are huge amounts of polystyrene products that are sitting in landfills and are going to be there for a long time.

We have already dug this hole and if we ban the material, the polystyrene will sit there for hundreds of years, but if we develop a means of large scale recycling, we can start to recycle the products that are already in landfills occupying space. Some cities in the South East are working towards making these large scale recycling centers a reality.

The Wharton Way: A Trusted Partner in Learning

The Wharton Executive Education experience is what some could also pen as the Wharton Way. For more than sixty years, those who have matriculated within Wharton’s hallowed halls have shared lectures, discussions, and leadership learning with the most innovative organizations and business enterprises. Notable faculty includes the likes of Peter Fader, George Day, Dennis Carey, and others. With the guidance of Wharton’s world acclaimed faculty alongside the network of world class industry experts, clients, students, and program members are brought together. In this forum they learn how to implement up to date, state of the business world tools, frameworks, and protocol. From this they take away knowledge that can be put to direct use to improve their reliability, trustworthiness, and potential.

There are many delivery methods at Wharton, which will facilitate the best solutions for the education of clients with specific goals. This can also mean that a hybrid curriculum will be developed for a particular team. There is also the mechanism of open-enrollment for the individual student. For example, the Wharton Executive Education involves partnerships with a multitude of world class enterprises and organizations in Finance and Wealth Management.
Some of the partners are:

  • ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Program
  • The FINRA/Wharton CRCP Program
  • The CIMA Certification Program partnership with the IMCA
  • Private Wealth Management Program
  • SIFMA: Securities Industry Institute

The ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Program offers leadership development to aid graduates of Wharton to be prepared to tackle the immense obstacles that are out there in the struggling banking environment. This struggle is fueled by the jungle of new regulations that are shackling the industry due to the government’s reaction to the banking meltdown in 2008. Executives must learn what they will be up against so that they will still be competent and confident to lead the way in a maze of restrictive impediments to the natural flow of banking.

Other jewels on the Wharton Executive Educational crown are the certification programs such as the CRCP Program which stands for FINRA/Wharton Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional Program. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has partnered with Wharton to educate students about the ever changing compliance issues that are supposed to be in place for the sake of fairness and honesty in investing and the securities industry.

The CIMA, Certified Investment Management Analyst Certification program is another great partnership between Wharton and IMCA, the Investment Management Consultant Association to promote ethical best practices between CIMAs and clients. Students will be fully prepared to pass the certification exam.

Andrew Farkas and Harvard, a family affair

Harvard University is home to many prestigious clubs and organizations, one of them is the Hasty Pudding Club. Established in 1795 on the principles of friendship and patriotism, the Hasty Pudding Club is the oldest social club in the United States. In it’s over 200 years of existence, the Hasty Pudding Club has had many members and has accumulated a vast list of famous and notable alumni. Among those alumni are U.S presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Among notable alumni who have graduated from Harvard in more recent decades past, Andrew Farkas stands out amongst his peers.

Andrew Farkas graduated from Harvard in 1982, 28 years after his father and 2 years before his brother. As a result of his love for Harvard and the Hasty Pudding Club in conjunction with his family’s history with Harvard, Farkas elected to be the financial backing behind the renovation and expansion of what is now Farkas Hall. Farkas Hall is named after Andrew Farkas’ father, Robin who graduated from Harvard in 1954 and obtained an MBA in 1961. Robin Farkas raised Andrew and his brother Bradford on his own for a number of years, it is for this reason among others that his son chose to name the Hall in his honor.

Farkas Hall houses a 270 seat state of the art theater that is available for the entire Harvard community to rehearse, perform, and most importantly learn. Throughout its rich history, the Hasty Pudding Club has been closely intertwined with the workings of Harvard’s creative live. With the gift of Farkas Hall by Andrew Farkas, the Hasty Pudding Club will continue to enrich the Harvard community for years to come.

NYC Investment Conferences


Herb Allen knows that investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over a long period of time. There are many people that want to learn how to invest but simply do not have any idea where to begin. Investment conferences are a great way for beginners to learn the basics around investing. There are a variety of different investment conferences around the country every year such as the well known Sun Valley Idaho conference. New York City hosts a lot of these investment conferences due to its proximity to Wall Street. There are thousands of people that come to these conferences every year in order to learn about investing. Here are several ways that these conferences can benefit anyone wanting to learn about the subject.

Investment Basics

The great thing about investing over the long term is that the concept is relatively simple. As a person increases the amount of money that they invest, the amount of wealth that is built over time will increase as well. Increasing the rate of return is another great way to build more wealth over the long term. The rate of return can be increased in several ways. Diversifying investments is one of the best ways to do so. When a person has all of their investments in one area, the unsystematic risk is increased. This reduces the rate of return that a person will earn over time.


Another great benefit to going to investment conferences is meeting other people that are interested in the subject of investing as well. Learning from others who have actually succeeded with investing is a great way to build a base level of knowledge. Investment conferences bring together people of all ages and backgrounds with a common interest.


Overall, investment conferences are a great way to learn about the subject of investing. Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over the long term. There are many people that want to learn more about the subject but are unsure of how to do so. Going to investing conferences and meeting with other people who want to learn is a great way to increase knowledge in this area.

U.S. consumer prices post first decline in seven months

From Reuters:

U.S. consumer prices unexpectedly fell in August as gasoline prices resumed their decline and a strong dollar curbed the cost of other goods, pointing to tame inflation that complicates the Federal Reserve’s decision whether to hike interest rates.

The Labor Department said on Wednesday its Consumer Price Index slipped 0.1 percent last month, the first decline since January, after edging up 0.1 percent in July.

In the 12 months through August, the CPI rose 0.2 percent after a similar gain in July.

Signs of a disinflationary trend reasserting itself are in stark contrast with a rapidly tightening labor market and highlight the dilemma Fed officials face as they contemplate raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.

The U.S. central bank’s policy-setting committee was due to start a two-day meeting later on Wednesday. While solid data on consumer spending, housing and employment have been supportive of a rate hike, the case for higher borrowing costs has been undermined by recent global financial markets turmoil.

“You can make a strong case either way for the Fed to begin raising interest rates or waiting,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

“The prudent risk management approach would argue for them to hold off, but if the Fed was really data dependent there is a very a strong case to raise rates on Thursday,” he said.

The dollar pared gains versus the euro and the yen after the data. U.S. stock index futures were little changed.

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Top San Diego Real Estate Seminars to Attend

If you are looking for some of the top real estate seminars to attend in San Diego, you have come to the right place. Below, we have examined some of the best seminars available to investors today who are seeking ways to tap into the wealth in real estate investing.

At the top of our list is Fortune Builders. This company is consider as one of the leading company in San Diego educating real estate investors. They offer several different real estate seminars to help real estate investors prosper in the business. Some of these seminars include:

1. Wholesaling Bootcamp where investors learn of effective and current marketing strategies to grow and expand their investments during a four days seminar.

2. Rehabbing Bootcamp: During this four days seminar, investors are taught the keys to long term success by rehabbing properties. They also offer bus tours where real estate investors can experience first hand the various rehabbing process and profits from the investment. Than Merrill’s Fortunebuilders bootcamp is a popular choice among San Diego residence.

3. REO & Short Sale Bootcamp: This seminar teaches about money making opportunity on short sale and foreclosure houses.

4. Online Business Bootcamp: This event educate investors on online marketing strategies.

5. Insiders Summit: This three days seminar provides a wealth of information to real estate investors regarding rehabbing properties, buying and holding strategies, raising money for deals, marketing and working with agents, and working with contractors and real estate specialists.

Another spectacular real estate seminar to attend in San Diego is Mike Ferry Real Estate Training. In addition to San Diego, his seminars are also held in other cities in United States. During his seminar, investors receive beneficial hands-on training experience and sales training tools necessary to succeed in the real estate investment industry. At Mike Ferry’s seminars, some of the techniques used to educate investors include one-on-one training, role playing, and real world application.

Brian Buffini’s seminar is also another outstanding real estate seminar in San Diego. His high-energy, action packed seminars are delivered via in-person or live broadcast. They normally last for two days and over 10,000 investors attend these seminars. Here, investors receive valuable information and strategies to help them maximize success in their real estate business.

Finally on our list is Tom Ferry’s Success Summit seminars. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of his seminars, tickets are normally sold out several months prior to the seminar! The Success Summit educates investors on effective marketing strategies, organizational techniques, sales, and much more.

Covering Trauma as a Journalist

For all senior journalists or even aspiring journalists who intend on covering trauma in their career, the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma is an excellent resource for you. The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma is a project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, which is one of the best programs in the country for journalism. The Dart Center originally began in the 1990’s and is funded by the Dart Foundation, with businessman Ken Dart as a board member.

The Center is dedicated to thorough, informative, and ethical news reporting on all areas of trauma. The Dart Center offers fellowships, awards, and training in order to give journalists the resources to report on traumatic situations. Traumatic situations range from anything like a flood to domestic violence.

The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma’s website has up to date articles, interviews and advice for journalists. Currently there is a tip sheet featured on the website for “Reporting on Sexual Violence.” The sheet gives preparatory advice, advice for the interview and advice for writing about the topic post-interview. The website additionally has a forum for controversies and discoveries regarding the field of trauma.

One featured aspect of the Dart Center is the Ochberg Fellowships. The Ochberg Fellowship is a seminar each year that lasts for a week and is filled with distinguished senior journalists. The main focus of the seminar is the coverage of traumatic events. The fellowship brings together people from America, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

After 9/11, the Dart Center created Dart Center Ground Zero, which was a six month education and support program for journalists in New York City. During this time, the Dart Center expanded by adding junctions in both Europe and Australia. These junctions offered innovative and extensive training programs for journalists.

The Dart Center is an excellent resource for journalism teachers or journalists who are out in the field covering trauma.

Dermatology Colleges in NYC

Dedicated to training highly competent dermatologists who provide their patients with great care is what helps to set the New York Medical College’s Department of Dermatology apart. In order to achieve this, they’ve hired some excellent professors like Herb Allen who have accomplishments of their own that they can brag about. This is simply an overview of some of these professors.

Dr. Micole B. Tuchman, MD

Dr. Tuchman is one of the professors at New York Medical College’s Department of Dermatology. She also has her own, private practice that’s affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital and the Metropolitan Hospital Center. Not only does she speak English, but she’s fluent in both Spanish and Hebrew as well, making it easier for her to serve a diverse population of patients. She’s also received the Healthgrades Honor Roll award, which means that she’s never had her license surrendered or revoked and is free of state or federal disciplinary sanctions.

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6 Ways to Educate Yourself about Real Estate Issues

Are you like FortuneBuilders’ CEO Than Merrill, and want to invest in real estate in the San Diego area? If so, you possess access to a number of very helpful resources. Many of them exist as close as your personal computer of hand held Internet-connected device. Today, a wealth of helpful sources of information about real estate can allow people with little prior experience to develop knowledge they can use later to provide financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Here are just a few of the ways experienced real estate investors developed confidence. If you think real estate might interest you in the future, look into some of these resources:

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Dart Influences Communities on a Global Level

Though most associate the Dart family with their Dart Container Corporation, the leader in food and beverage packaging, or for their acquisition of the notorious Solo Cup in 2012, few realize the huge impact the Dart family has had on global communities. With branches focusing on everything ranging from philanthropic endeavors to a myriad of organizations based in Grand Cayman, the Dart family and their organizations have set a new standard for a global scope and making a difference in local communities.

Ken Dart (more info), owner of Dart Enterprises and recognized philanthropist, serves on the board of the Dart Foundation, which was named Socially Responsible Organization of the Year in 2013. The recognition was mainly in response to the Dart’s $14.4 million commitment to communities in mid-Michigan (where the foundation was created), but the Dart Foundation has proven itself socially responsible in a global context.

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