Beautiful Places to Visit in the Cayman Islands

Sublime Seven Mile Beach

Sublime Seven Mile Beach is a famous spot to visit in the Caribbean. The long stretch of sand is lined with coconut palm trees and turquoise waters. Massive amounts of tourists spill out of cruise ships, stepping on to the beautiful, peaceful patch of sand. Lavish homes and upscale hotels like Ken Dart’s Residences at Seafire and Kimpton Seafire Hotel give tourists the view of a lifetime. The Sublime Seven Mile Beach is typically free of mobile venders so that guests can relax and enjoy what the area has to offer.

Stingray City

Stingray City is a must see when in the Cayman Islands. It offers crystal clear waters where guest can mingle with the friendly stingrays by feeding, petting, and cuddling them. If someone ever had a fear of stingrays, that fear would be gone by visiting this lush paradise. Guests can also dive, swim, and snorkel alongside of the stingrays. A couple celebrity sightings have occurred right here in this city. Tom Cruise was reported to have went to Stingray City on a dive trip for the holidays. Also, former President Jimmy Carter spent New Year’s Eve visiting here as well. Taylor Swift is another celebrity spotted in the Cayman Islands. It is reported she loved her visit because staff at the areas she visited treated her with the utmost respect so that she could relax and enjoy her vacation.

George Town is offshore and considered Cayman’s attractive capital. Cruise ships fill the harbors. Also lining the harbors is a sea of restaurants and shops. The Administration Building is called the glass house. In this beautiful capital guests will find several attractions to visit. The Cayman Islands National Museum is a great place to learn the history of the islands. Fort George was built to protect the islands from the pirates and Spanish. But today only a portion of the wall remains.

Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarines offers one of the best underwater experiences without getting wet. The submarine holds 48 passengers and takes guests down about 30 meters. There they can look through the large viewing windows at the shallow reefs, tropical fish, and shipwrecks.


On the north side of the Grand Cayman is a town called Hell. In 1962, Hell opened its own post office so that guests can officially mark their visit. Hell offers a sinister rock formation which is what inspired its name. The boardwalk provides easy access to view this beautifully, dark rock formation.