Big Deals in NYC Real Estate

EVO Real Estate Group had earlier made a commitment to pull out of New York City, but it appears they have changed their mind with the announcement that Andrew Farkas would now head their New York office. Andrew Farkas already is a well-known name in New York City real estate through his NAI Global office which his C-III Capital Partners LP acquired in 2012 currently controls 165 commercial brokerages in more than 65 cities. EVO is also already a well-respected real estate company controlling 3.5 million square feet of commercial space.
EVO is now making a commitment to New York investors to help them through each step of the real estate process even if the deal happens in another state or if an out of state investors wishes to lease or purchase property in New York. The company can help with arranging initial space tours, lead investors through the process of site selection, help with lease negotiations, find tenants for buildings and even handle the logistics of a move. Their partnership with Andrew allows both companies to work with a network of realtors so that everyone benefits.
Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University. After graduation, he went to work on Wall Street as a trader before forming his own company called Insignia Real Estate. One of his first real estate investments was buying land and marinas where wealthy owners could keep their luxury yachts. He also formed a private merchant bank to fund these transactions. Continuing with Insignia, he soon built it into one of the largest New York real estate agencies. After he sold Insignia, Andrew went on to buy specialty servers including Centerline Holding Companies and JER Partners.
Andrew sees this as the perfect time to enter into New York real estate. His previous success come with working with distressed companies. He thinks that with the market like it is now in the city that investors will be drawn to his firm where they can get everything done in one place. For their part, EVO hopes that Andrew’s deep pockets will help attract others to their company.