Breaking The Norms In Educational Spheres

Obtaining a good education is one of the basic ingredients for a prominent career. Providing others with an education, however, is a career as rewarding as it is fruitful. An individual who knows this all-too-well is Alexandra Callen. Having graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s and master’s, as well as Harvard University with another master’s and doctorate’s, there may not be a better fit for a head of the school position than her. Thus, Callen became the first-ever woman to work at this position since private St. George’s School ( was founded in 1896.

Pushing Beyond the Societal Norms

Although this was the school of many generations from Callen’s family, she recollects only males going there. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, and uncle studied at St. George. Given the connection with this prestigious institution, responding to the offered position was a destined “yes” from Cullen. Furthermore, this 47-year-old was no stranger to Newport, and this position facilitated relocation to her place of engagement.

The Plans for the Future

As a part of her research, Callen utilized every opportunity to ask questions that will help her accept/reject the offer. In light of those allegations made against the school, she spent a lot of time ensuring that this facility is a place she wants to lead. Ultimately, she clarifies how “this is a safe place and a healthy place for kids”. Plans for the institution are focused on areas of science, engineering, and mathematics while upkeeping extracurricular activities for the kids. The blueprint for the school’s transformation is not something Cullen has been working on, as she is aiming to dedicate a year to learn about the institution. Afterward, she has made it a goal to establish more safe places for children afraid to speak up, as well as bring some diversified guests to discuss sexual harassment prevention.