Career Advice From a Head Hunter: How to Stay Successful

Staying successful and relevant is one of the most challenging things in the workforce for many people. It’s important to do, but it is not easy. Here are few tips on how to stay successful in a workplace environment from a headhunter.

Tip Number One: Be On Time

Whether you’re a recruiter or you’re a job hunter, being on time is important. You should always strive to be on time, whether it is a meeting, your daily work schedule, an interview, or even a business call. Being on time consistently will set you apart from the rest of your workplace. Even if it is a workplace trend to show up five or ten minutes late, do not fall victim to this. Staying on time is very important.

Tip Number Two: Dress to Impress

While it’s very important to dress to meet your business’ code, dressing above and beyond is important as well. Most of us have heard the saying “dress for the job you want, and not the job you have.” However, take care not to out dress everyone entirely. If your friends are wearing sweatpants, wear a pair of sturdy jeans and don’t wear dress.

Tip Number Three: Don’t Log Onto Facebook During Working Hours

Unless your job involves you constantly posting on your own social media account, don’t post on your social media account during working hours. Avoid checking personal emails and stay focused on the job at hand.

Tip Number Four: Get Ahead of the Game

Don’t allow yourself to fall behind on work. It’s important to keep things turned in on time. If your boss says he wants a paper by eight, make sure it’s ready by eight. Or even better, 7:55.

Tip Number Five: Make and Keep Connections

It’s important to make and keep connections. Connections are key to success in the workplace and in real life. Knowing who’s who is important. That said, make friends in all areas; you never know if Martha in the lunch room is good friends with Joe the boss. Treat all people with respect.

Tip Number Six: Keep Social Media Updated

Although you shouldn’t plug into Facebook on your work hours, it’s important to keep it updated. Head hunters say nothing makes them wince more than an out of date LinkedIn account.


If you are looking for a head hunter, you’re already one step ahead of the game. Following these six tips will help you be able to network with a good head hunter to land your dream job.

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