Caroline Casey Is Fighting For The Disabled

Caroline Casey Is Fighting For The Disabled To Have The Right To Prove How Valuable They Are In The Workforce
Caroline Casey didn’t realize she was born legally blind until she reached the age of 17. All she could see was a blur three feet away but had no way to know everyone else did not see the same way. She is now an Irish entrepreneur and founded Binc. She is passionate about helping the disabled in business. She originally spent eleven years hiding her disability and constantly changed careers. She finally had to admit she required help.

Caroline Casey has come a long way and is launching her disability campaign by riding a horse through Columbia for 1,000 km. In the past, she participated with a double amputee named Mike McKenzie in Around the World in Eighty Ways and went on a trek through India on an elephant for 1,000 km. She is trying to get businesses to see the disabled as talent, suppliers, and customers. She wants 500 businesses to have disability on their agendas before the close of 2018.

In the last 18 years, Caroline Casey has raised substantial sums of money, worked with methodologies and non-profits, and spoken to business leaders in the thousands regarding disability in business. She has seen very few changes and believes the slow progress is because people are uncomfortable. They worry they will do the wrong thing and make matters worse. She does not believe the business world realizes they can do exceptional business with disability.

One company making a difference is SourceAmerica. They use a network of non-profit agencies to find solutions for businesses. They provide services and products of high standards with competitive pricing. This is accomplished with a workforce of people who have a significant disability. Their programs offer the disabled opportunities for employment and their AbilityOne Program is on a federal level. Their professional non-profit network combined with their expertise make them an excellent choice for commercial businesses requiring top quality services and products. They understand the demands and the pace of the corporate world.

SourceAmerica fights for the disabled to be included in the workforce. They train and then employ workers who are disabled and provide them with the resources they need. They compete for contracts from commercial businesses and the government and numerous positions are filled by severely disabled individuals. Nearly eighty percent of all disabled workers do not have a job and SourceAmerica has become their advocate. Their programs bring empowerment for the disabled who want to work a meaningful job. They are changing hearts and opening minds.