How to Effectively Advertise Real Estate on Facebook

If you want to reach a broad audience, help expose your name to a vast community, and ultimately sell your listing quickly, consider using Facebook as an advertising medium. Facebook is a great tool to accomplish this and much more. According to real estate expert and owner of Fortunebuilders, Than Merrill (, it is a unique marketing tool and when used correctly can be a fantastic way to generate leads. Here are a few tips to making sure you get the most out of your time and investment.

#1 Pictures Sell: Make sure you use a real photo from the listing you are selling. Kitchens and buildings with curb appeal are great choices for getting people’s attention.

#2 Include important information but not too much! People want to be able to click and find out what they want. They want easy access to wanted information. Make sure you have bold letters that tell the location and the price. But don’t share too much. People, who are selling a home, may not want their personal address given out to the public for privacy and safety reasons. Make people use your link to gain information. This is a win win for you and the owner.

#3 Market the right audience! The good news is that most people who own homes in America today, tend to use and be on Facebook. And there have been actual studies showing “that people whose friends have positive experiences in the housing market are more likely to buy themselves. They’re also more likely to buy a larger home, more likely to pay more for a home, and more likely to make a bigger down payment when their friends are making successful investments.” ( So make sure you pick an audience that would be interested in your listing.

#4 Create a Facebook page that shows your name in bold so that it gets out there and people see you as an active agent. Remember that Facebook is a great way to gain new business as well. Make sure your page is clear and easy to navigate. And most of all make it easy to reach you. Have a link or phone number that people don’t have to search for.

#5 Finally, give it time and remember that the more people see you add or name the better. More, in this case it better. Much better. Studies show that advertising works when a person sees your message over and over. Make sure you don’t cut corners but make that happen.