Preparation for Specific Legal Careers

Most law schools do not expect students to know exactly what kind of law they want to practice until well into their academic career. A typical progression of study generally concludes with one or more practice areas that prove to be of special interest to a particular student. Aside from the most common areas such criminal law, family law, and personal injury law, there are several specialized fields of law represented in prominent NYC law firms.

Businesses require the support of experienced legal professionals for a number of different events in the workplace. Immigration lawyers are able to provide assistance with processing visa applications for non-immigrant workers and their families who will be supported by a temporary research or employment project. Lawyers who specialize in environmental or maritime law may be especially helpful for businesses that operate in multiple countries or are otherwise governed by an international nongovernmental agency.

Corporate lawyers are also helpful when it comes to establishing intellectual property insurance programs, patent applications, non-compete agreements, and other business related documents that may be required for potential candidates, current employees, and business partners. Partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, and specialized documents for nonprofit agencies must be periodically reviewed by a qualified legal professional. Each niche of business law requires the assistance of a lawyer with experience in the genre and a dedication to maintaining at least the minimum continuing education requirements each year.

One of the relatively new areas of corporate law involves the healthcare industry. Lawyers are available to interpret the law on behalf of the federal government and relay pertinent information to their clients. These specific areas of the law are always changing, and law school curriculum administrators must work diligently to ensure they are producing a high quality caliber of students who are equipped to pass the bar exam and practice in their desired field.

Some of the top lawyers in the world operate from NYC law firms such as Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, where Sean Hecker is a partner in the New York office, Corporations are wise to protect themselves from any adverse action, unwarranted lawsuits, and false accusations that may result from conducting business as usual. Whether a business leader is planning for a lengthy arbitration or litigation effort or just wants some additional help setting up their new business plan model, one of the many NYC law firms are capable of providing the necessary expertise.

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