Resource America Picked Up by New Investor

C-III has purchased Resource America in a merger of two brands that create one of the largest and most-diverse real estate companies in the world. The two companies combine portfolios of commercial, industrial and residential real estate, and they will join forces as C-III takes over operations for both companies. This article is a look at what will happen at Resource America becomes the latest little cousin of the C-III brand.

#1: Why Is the Deal Important?

The deal is quite important in that it helps save Resource America from falling out of the top of the industry. The industry is quite dynamic, and companies that remain stagnant for a time will lose their favor among investors. Resource America will have new life under C-III, and the shareholders are paid handsomely for the shares they hold in the firm.

#2: How Does Commercial Real Estate Improve After the Deal?

Commercial real estate will have a larger partner in the combined companies, and it is a wonderful place to go for a sale or purchase. Companies seeking their first piece of commercial real estate may shop with someone from C-III, and they will ensure a sale is completed properly. Everyone who shops with the two companies will have more locations to shop, more service and better prices.

#3: How Will Companies Save Money Through C-III?

The company has more resources now that it has acquired Resource America, and C-III becomes a more-trusted company, under the leadership of CEO and Chair Andrew Farkas. They are a large firm that wishes to help more people, and they will expand their business to all the places where Resource America is aiding customers. Their offices will combine in a large package that helps clients with their real estate needs. Every new customer with the firm is backed up by their financial resources, and they will see there is a plain difference between what C-III can do and what other companies will not do. Service saves money, time and energy.

The large merger between C-III and Resource America gives hope to real estate shoppers who are seeking a better experience. Businesses and individuals must purchase large pieces of real estate that are priced sometimes in the millions. Their investments are carried out by the professionals at C-III and Resource America. They have quite a few options when shopping with their newest partners, and the money saved may be re-invested in new locations around America.