The top Players in Commercial Real Estate

Building large commercial real estate properties has become somewhat of a challenge lately for large developers, but it’s not just the real estate developers who keep the commercial real estate market moving. Big players in the financial arena who lend money to developers for large commercial projects play a big role in commercial real estate, but with many banks and other traditional lending institutions seeing a decrease in lending over the past year, alternative lenders have filled some gaps in the construction lending sector. However, there are some top players in commercial real estate game who scored big with some of the largest commercial real estate projects in 2016.

There are a lot of big players in commercial real estate across the world but some deserve more recognition than others. A recent article in Commercial Observer recognized the top 50 most important people of commercial real estate including Andrew Farkas, Roy March and James Flaum, among others. Here are two of their top picks and some of their accomplishments.

Raymond Qiao, Chief Lending Officer at Bank of China, was ranked number one on the list and for good reason. When most people think of China, they don’t think of big real estate, but the truth is that the Bank of China not only originated $4.5 billion in commercial real estate loans across the globe, Chinese money played a big role in U.S. real estate investments and lending in the past year and Raymond Qiao and the Bank of China were at the forefront.

Alan Wiener, Group Head of Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital, came in a close second to Qiao, but it’s a very fine line. Wiener and his team can take the credit for roughly $15 billion in U.S. commercial real estate loans. Based in San Francisco, the lending giant started the year off with a big score by closing on a $2.6 billion loan for Starwood Capital Group. With deals like these and many others, it’s easy to see why Alan Weiner is at the top of the list.