The Value of Leadership

Leadership is very important and necessary in almost every setting. Harvard’s Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership realizes the value of leadership and the necessity to foster leadership. CPL strives to improve leadership through furthering research and teaching. The CPL was started in 2000, with a grant from the Wexner foundation.

The CPL works to serve people in businesses, nonprofits and the government. The CPL offers classes, workshops, seminars and programs for leaders both in the U.S. and abroad. The Gleitsman Social Change Program is one facet of CPL, which focuses on social change. The program focuses on the stories of acclaimed social activists that inspire the world around them. CPL also offers Leadership Development Workshops, which take both an observant listening course approach and a hands on exposure approach to leadership.

The Hauser Institute for Civil Society is also under the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard. This institute focuses on the study of civil society and different nonprofit organizations in the world. Additionally, there were several fellowships under the Center for Public Leadership including the Dubin Fellowships, George Fellowships and Zuckerman Fellowships.

The CPL also offers financial support for scholars through fellowships, research grants and programs. The CPL provides the best training in leadership development, which is very important.

The Leadership Council of the CPL is the main source of advice and support for the Center for Public Leadership. The council is made up of leaders from a wide variety of places, but nonetheless all leaders. Donald Dixon of Trident Capital, Yousef Al Otaiba the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States and David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group are some of the members of the Leadership Council.

Last month in January the CPL fellows traveled around the world making leadership come alive. The leadership initiative began in Dubai with the World Future Energy Summit where the fellows met with the officials of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.

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