The Wharton Way: A Trusted Partner in Learning

The Wharton Executive Education experience is what some could also pen as the Wharton Way. For more than sixty years, those who have matriculated within Wharton’s hallowed halls have shared lectures, discussions, and leadership learning with the most innovative organizations and business enterprises. Notable faculty includes the likes of Peter Fader, George Day, Dennis Carey, and others. With the guidance of Wharton’s world acclaimed faculty alongside the network of world class industry experts, clients, students, and program members are brought together. In this forum they learn how to implement up to date, state of the business world tools, frameworks, and protocol. From this they take away knowledge that can be put to direct use to improve their reliability, trustworthiness, and potential.

There are many delivery methods at Wharton, which will facilitate the best solutions for the education of clients with specific goals. This can also mean that a hybrid curriculum will be developed for a particular team. There is also the mechanism of open-enrollment for the individual student. For example, the Wharton Executive Education involves partnerships with a multitude of world class enterprises and organizations in Finance and Wealth Management.
Some of the partners are:

  • ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Program
  • The FINRA/Wharton CRCP Program
  • The CIMA Certification Program partnership with the IMCA
  • Private Wealth Management Program
  • SIFMA: Securities Industry Institute

The ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Program offers leadership development to aid graduates of Wharton to be prepared to tackle the immense obstacles that are out there in the struggling banking environment. This struggle is fueled by the jungle of new regulations that are shackling the industry due to the government’s reaction to the banking meltdown in 2008. Executives must learn what they will be up against so that they will still be competent and confident to lead the way in a maze of restrictive impediments to the natural flow of banking.

Other jewels on the Wharton Executive Educational crown are the certification programs such as the CRCP Program which stands for FINRA/Wharton Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional Program. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has partnered with Wharton to educate students about the ever changing compliance issues that are supposed to be in place for the sake of fairness and honesty in investing and the securities industry.

The CIMA, Certified Investment Management Analyst Certification program is another great partnership between Wharton and IMCA, the Investment Management Consultant Association to promote ethical best practices between CIMAs and clients. Students will be fully prepared to pass the certification exam.